There are a few things to update you on for this term.


Admission to Communion (7-10 year old usually school years 3-5) & Confirmation (12 years and over usually school years 6-8) 

A few people have indicated interest in both admission to communion and confirmation. We will kick off the preparation for this at our JAM service on 3rd November. Admission to Communion preparation will take place predominantly at home with checking in at church on Sundays through the children’s talks and with Fr Andrew. Confirmation Preparation will take place following Sunday services from 3rd November. I understand that everyone can’t always come each Sunday but by running it from 3rd November to 1st December that gives us 5 Sundays and you might be able to make most of them. The confirmation service with Archbishop Geoff Smith will be held at St Peter’s at 10am on Sunday 8th December. (We will also acknowledge those admitted to communion in this service)


Glenelg Christmas Pageant – Sunday 24th November 10:30am

Once again this year we will participate in the Glenelg Christmas Pageant along with other Christian churches in the area. We are planning a nativity float called “The Miracle of Love”. Our entry will begin with a combined Christian churches banner, followed by a ute with a nativity scene. Alongside the ute will be younger children dressed as shepherds and angels and older children holding fluoro arrows entitled “miracle of love” pointing at the nativity scene. the entry will then finish with another banner. To assist on the day we will need banner holders and arrow holders and as well as younger children in costume. All children can be accompanied by their parents. If you can be involved please put your name on the list at church or reply to this email.


Christmas Eve Nativity Play – Tuesday 24th December at 6:30pm

We have begun preparations for our Nativity play for this year entitled – A Super Christmas. The plot centres around a group of superheroes who are worried the rumours of a new superhero coming who might steal their jobs. Through this idea the real meaning of Jesus’s birth is portrayed. Because some families are away at Christmas we are considering making the nativity play a combination of live performance and pre-filmed action. That way children whose families are away at Christmas can still be involved in filming beforehand. Please respond at church, or to this email, if you can be involved either in the preparation or on the actual night.


Glenelg Market on Torrens Square

Thank you to all those who have got involved in our monthly markets. The first two have been a great success. Don’t forget the upcoming ones on 9th November and 14th December. Please tell your friends about it, particularly any with micro-businesses that you think might be interested in a stall. We are aware that the November market is the same day as the City Pageant, but there is still plenty of time after the pageant to come to the market!!


Planned Giving Program Reminder

A previous email to the whole parish included information for our Planned Giving Program for 2020-2021. If you haven’t done so already please consider responding to this information in the near future so we can ensure a good continuation of ministry into the coming years.


with thanks and prayers

Fr Andrew

on behalf of the Children’s ministry team and Parish Council

2019 Term 4 Update for St Peter’s Families