As we come to the end of the school holidays and most families have been confined to their homes with the exception of exercising, taking the dog for a walk, shopping or visiting the doctor.

While some people in our Church family are not leaving their homes at all. For these older people, their grand children maybe grown up, and they maynot see or hear from them as often as they like. This weeks activity is to do something for another person who isn’t a member of your family.

  • Write words or draw some pictures of hope, encouragement, happiness , or assurance we won’t be stuck in our homes for ever. Perhaps express something about Jesus. For example, Jesus loves you. Jesus saved. Christ has risen. Jesus knows you and loves you.
  • Ask your parents so email pictures of your art work to the parish. The email address is
  • Hewina or Michele will print your pictures on to a card and share them with an isolated person in our church.

Next week is the start of term 2.

Have the following items ready for next week’s Sunday Kids @ Home activity –

A jar, or small box

Some slips of paper

Paper and pen/pencils to write a letter to Lorna. Or access to iPad or computer to email the same letter to Lorna.

Sunday Kids@Home Sun April 26, 2020