This week in Sunday Kids we’ll be continuing the theme of learning about Moses.

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Bible Reading Exodus 33:12–23

Moses sometimes got very mixed up. Moses wanted to understand God. He also wanted to understand the people of Israel. Sometimes he would hold his head with his hands and feel very sad. “There are so many things I don’t understand.” So Moses went to talk with God. “Please help me, God,” said Moses. “I want to understand you.” “What would you like me to explain?” asked God. “Well, I’ve seen the wonderful things you’ve done. I’ve seen how you got the people of Israel out of Egypt. I’ve seen how you brought us food when we were hungry. I’ve seen how you got water from a rock when we were thirsty. But…” Moses just stood there and shook his head.

“But what?” God’s voice was soft and kind. “I haven’t seen you. I want to know what you look like. I want to see your face.” “That’s a hard thing, Moses,” said God. “It’s hard for people to see me. You can see what I do. You can feel my love in your heart. I am all around you, just like the air is all around you. But you can’t see me.” “But I want to see you,” Moses was crying a little. “I want to see you, so I know who you are.” “Moses,” said God. “You have worked very hard to help me. You have worked hard to help the people of Israel. So I am going to do something special for you.

“I can’t let you see my face because, you see, I am not a human like you are. I don’t have a head or legs or arms as you have. I’m not a man or a woman. I’m not old or young. I’m different than anything you know. But maybe I can show you something that will help you understand. “Go to the big rock that you can see right in front of you. There’s a crack right through the centre of it. Look through that crack. I’ll show you something of who I am.”
So Moses went to the big rock. He looked through the crack. For a while, it felt as if a kind, warm hand was covering his eyes. Then the hand went away, and Moses saw… He wasn’t sure what he saw.

Moses tried to tell his sister, Miriam, about it. “It was like a flash of lightning, except it wasn’t loud. It wasn’t hard. It was as if my whole body was filled with light. It was as if I was filled with something good and strong.” “But what you saw was a light?” asked Miriam. “What I saw was bright and beautiful. But that was only a small part of it, Miriam. Now I feel as if I really know God. And I know for sure that God will always be with me, and with all the people of Israel.”

Lectionary Story Bible: Year A by Ralph Milton.
Copyright © 2007 Wood Lake Publishing Inc.

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As we come to the end of hearing about Moses, we’ll talk about goodness and mercy.

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