Celebrate Easter 2022 with the Parish of Glenelg!

We have services at two locations –

St Martin’s – 45 Hastings Street, Glenelg South
Within a stones throw of the cafes on the Broadway at Glenelg South, you’ll find the small, intimate and cozy church that is St Martin’s. Many of the parishioners have attend this church since their youth and see this congregation as their family. They’re a family who celebrates birthdays, significant events and actively pray for each other.

Good Friday service starts at 8.45am
Easter Sunday service starts at 8.45am

St Peter’s – 1 Torrens Square, Glenelg
Located next to Coles supermarket and a gentle stroll from Jetty Road shops, cafes and restaurants you’ll find the heritage listed St Peter’s church. St Peter’s has its early service at 7.45am and a family style service at 10am. If you’re worried about COVID spacing, St Peter’s is a big 180+ seat church and a gap between people can be easily maintained.

Good Friday services 9.30am and 11am Children’s service
Easter Sunday services at 7.45am and 10am

Easter 2022