7:45am at St Peter’s

7:45am at St Peter’s is a reflective said communion service attended by about thirty regulars and lasting for 45 minutes. This service follows the same theme for the day as all the Sunday services. There are no hymns but sometimes reflective recorded music is played during communion. This service suits those early risers who like to get on with other things during the day. This congregation gather after the service for a breakfast of fruit toast and a cuppa and is always happy to welcome visitors and newcomers.


8:45am at St Martin’s

St Martin’s is a delightful little church situated in the suburban Hastings Street, Glenelg South. The Sunday service is a communion service following the theme of the day, including hymns accompanied by digital piano/organ and/or clarinet. The service starts at 8.45am, lasts for about 55 minutes and is attended by about 20 regular parishioners. The congregation, though small, is vibrant and enjoys catching up afterwards for morning tea.



10:00am at St Peter’s 

10:00am is the main Sunday service at St Peter’s and features a choir and pipe organ leading sung mass setting, hymns and psalm of the day. This service lasts for about 75 minutes on a normal Sunday and 60 minutes on JAM Sundays. 10am service always includes a kid’s story, prayer and song at the beginning which sets the theme for Sunday School (Sunday School runs during term time for 5-12 year olds). This service regularly caters for over a hundred worshippers of all ages. The service draws on the Anglican Prayerbook of Australia communion service with thematic additions from other more modern liturgical resources. On the third Sunday of the month prayers for healing are offered in the chapel at the conclusion of this service. Morning tea in the community centre follows the service, including birthday cake on the last Sunday of the month where all those having birthdays during the month are congratulated.


10:00am JAM Service at St Peter’s (First Sunday of the Month)

On the first Sunday of the month, the 10:00am communion service at St Peter’s is our contemporary style JAM service. This features a simpler and more common language service, with worship songs led by a four piece band and singers. No Sunday school is held on this day as the service more intentionally includes children throughout .The JAM service goes for about 60 minutes.


Thursday 10:00am at St Peter’s

This service is held in the St Michael’s Chapel which is part of St Peter’s Church. It is a simple half-hour communion service. It is popular amongst the elder members of our congregation and is always followed by a beautiful friendship morning tea for those who wish to stay.


Ukulele Church 5pm Sunday at St Peter’s (once a month)

Ukulele Church is a fun packed service, where you borrow or bring you Ukulele with you and learn and play hymns and songs. Or sing along with everyone. We say some prayers, hear the Bible read and enjoy the Christian fellowship with goes for an hour. After the Church component we gather for a shared meal in the Community Centre.