COVID Update: Aged Care residents need us more than ever! We are still visiting our residents. Do you have time for a chat?  You could be in contact with your resident face to face, via phone, or a letter. Some residents have an iPad and could chat with you through Facetime too.

 Community Visitors Scheme

The Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) places volunteers in residential care facilities as visitors. These visitors meet with a resident who may be without family or friends, or who needs companionship.

The CVS aims to enrich the quality of life of residents of residential care homes who are socially or physically isolated or lonely, and who would benefit from a friendly visitor.

The CVS also helps to establish links between people living in aged care homes and their local community. A Community Visitor is a volunteer who is matched with a resident in a care facility and visits that person regularly.

The Anglican Parish of Glenelg provides visitors for residents at the following facilities –

  • Charles Young Residential Care,
    • Austral Terrace, Morphettville.
  • Estia Health Lockleys,
    • Mellor Road, Lockleys.
  • Kapara,
    • Moseley Street, Glenelg South.
  • Murray Mudge,
    • Moseley Street, Glenelg.
  • Christies Beach Infin8 Care,
    • 50 Gulfview Rd, Christies Beach

Frequency of Visits

Our dedicated volunteers commit to regular visits, spending at least an hour with their ’friends’ over a two week period.

How can time be spent with a Resident?

  • Sit and chat
  • Reminisce
  • Read
  • Listen
  • Enjoy music or games
  • Share in activities

Just, sharing your time and interests with the resident will help them feel better about themselves and enjoy their life more.

Or see our CVS Flyer

Pam’s Experience of being a CVS Visitor

When I was first asked to become a Community Visitor I assumed I would go armed with a basket of posies and home cooked shortbread to chat with several residents at a nursing home. 

Instead, as prescribed by the Community Visitors Scheme which is managed by our parish, I was allocated one person to visit.

Initially I was introduced to a gentleman at Kapara whom I visited most Wednesday afternoons.  Whilst I was apprehensive about visiting a male resident we soon developed a rapport and one day, during one of our chats, I was amazed to discover that one of his grand-daughters had married a relation of mine! Our friendship grew and we enjoyed many happy hours together, often going on a drive along the beach to stop for an iced coffee which he so enjoyed.  Sadly he became very frail and then passed away but I still think of him often. 

Several months later, I met my present friend, Klara, who also lives at Kapara.  This dear lady had been admitted to the hostel section whilst her mother was admitted to the Nursing Home facility.  I was very happy to be able to take my new friend on outings and we would call in to see her mother on each of my visits.  It was a privilege to share in their lives, and especially to have been of support when Klara’s mother passed away. 

Our visits are so enjoyable, with walks along the beach  –  often with my little dog whom Klara adores  –  shopping trips, tram rides and occasionally we take in a movie (sadly, no longer at Glenelg!!)  Klara is a great fan of Andrè Rieu and enjoys afternoon tea whilst watching a DVD.  Once a month, our Clergy visit Kapara to celebrate the Eucharist and my friend and I enjoy the intimate service.  Afterwards, I join her for lunch in the ‘Wilson Club’, a very pleasant room at Kapara where quite often there is a guest entertainer.

I very much enjoy being a Community Visitor and find it most rewarding.  I would recommend involvement in the Scheme to anyone who might be able to spare an hour or two once a fortnight to spend with someone who would really value the friendship and company.

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