During 2018, after a period of surveys and consultations in 2017, we arrived at a parish vision for 2018-2022.

Our vision is to be:

A vibrant, welcoming and inclusive community growing in faith and love

Our priorities under this vision come under six spheres of ministry and within each of these spheres we arrived at five priorities. This by no means captures the entirety of what we do within our parish, but they do highlight what our parish consultations and Parish council felt needed specific work within the near future.

1. Inspiring Worship

  • Develop distinctive nature of each service
  • Cater for growing numbers of families
  • Explore specific worship for children
  • Explore occasional evening worship
  • Manage changing music resources

2. Welcoming Community

  • Redevelopment of children’s area at St Peter’s
  • Develop clear welcoming procedure – new parish brochure and a welcome pack for new parishioners
  • More information and resources on parish website
  • Re-develop effective parish Communication
  • Streamline pastoral connections particularly through parish groups

3. Growing Faith

  • Develop Faith resources online
  • Develop parish library of resources
  • More topical faith discussions and bible studies
  • Continued development of youth group
  • Clear path for Christian Initiation

4. Serving Beyond

  • Refine and review aged care ministry
  • Future planning for CVS program
  • Further explore ecumenical initiatives and Anglicare support for welfare ministry
  • Promote volunteering opportunities at SPW
  • Parish Reconciliation Action Plan

5. Responsible Stewardship

  • More effective use of I.T. resources
  • Develop strategic plan for Memorial Garden
  • Improved co-ordination of volunteers, with increased support and training for staff and volunteers
  • Continue to refine WH&S and Disaster training
  • Develop a system of working bees and opportunities for practical volunteering

6. Strategic Relationships

  • Further build upon SPW/Parish relationship
  • Seek ways to engage in Glenelg community
  • Remain vitally engaged with the Adelaide diocese and Archdeaconry of Sturt initiatives
  • Consult with Anglicare re: future ventures
  • Further develop Ecumenical Cooperation (Bay Area Ministers)

Where do we want to be in 5 years?

  •  A growing church, which includes all ages, with a strong focus on the needs of children, young people and families.
  •  A church which helps people grow in faith and feel that they are supported in their Christian lives.
  •  A church which makes a difference in the local community through compassionate and effective service to those in need.
  •  A church community which manages its human and building resources responsibly and effectively.
  •  A church which has a strong and growing relationship with our affiliated school, SPW.


Parish Vision Prayer

Eternal God, our God,

God of our forebears and of all future generations,

You call us to faithfully follow Christ,

Loving you and our neighbour as ourselves.

Inspire us to dream dreams and see visions,

And guide us  by the leading of your Holy Spirit.

We pray in the name of Jesus,

Our Saviour, Lord and Friend. Amen.