Sunday 24th November was the last Ukulele Church for 2019. There’s a  gathering of around 26-28 sing, play Ukulele (beginners and advance players) who gather once a month on a Sunday night in the St Peter’s Church Community Centre. Fr Andrew explain to with great humour how to stretch the fingers to press down on strings to play new notes. Otherwise he reminds people just to skip over the notes they’re fret over, and sing along until you can catch up with the music to play the note you can play. The last Ukulele Church was Christmas themed, where the Christmas lesson was read and all enjoyed singing and playing Christmas Carols and some fun Christmas songs too.

After the Ukulele service, a shared meal was followed by Christmas cake, mince pies and short bread. Then the Ukuleles’ and a recorder was were involved in an impromptu jam.

Ukulele church will return in 2020. Dates have not been determined yet. Keep an eye out on the Anglican Parish of Glenleg website or the St Peter’s Anglican Glenelg website for more information.


Ukulele Church wraps up for 2019