Dear Friends,

As we look forward to the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, I would like to share with you how I see youth group moving forward over the next 3 months. One of the many inconsistencies impacting us all is how State and Commonwealth Government restrictions vary between church and school activities, even if the people involved are the same. Further, the Parish is awaiting further direction from the Archbishop and the Diocese detailing what we must comply with to move forward. I expect we’ll need designated people to be cleaning before and after a gathering, in addition to enhanced sign-in process and re-enforcement of social distancing, whilst enjoying quality time with everyone.

For the next three months, I suggest we gather in the following way –

Friday 23rd May at 7pm – Youth group via Zoom.

Parents will be emailed the Zoom meeting details. Please forward the details to your child/ren. Goodie bags will be delivered to your homes prior to the evening. Even though we can’t share a meal together, the goodie bag will contain a couple of items to be added to ice-cream (you’ll supply) which I hope everyone will eat together, much like we do when we’re physically gathered. Youth group will go for around an hour, finishing with ice-cream.

Friday 19th June at 7pm – Youth group via Zoom – Quiz Night!

Though restrictions have most likely been eased, we’ll meet over Zoom again. Zoom details will be emailed to parents. In the May session, children will be asked to write a round of quiz questions, and we’ll have a quiz night in the comfort of our homes. Other siblings and parents are welcome to join in the fun. By this stage in June there will have been an increase in the number who can gather but by meeting via ZOOM again, the extra time will allow us to be prepared for the first time we can gather in person.

Friday 24th July at 7pm – possible physical gathering at St Peter’s

Who knows what the COVID-19 restrictions will be in July!

If the State government has further eased restrictions, and we are able to comply with Government and Diocesan requirements, we will gather at St Peter’s. It is likely we will need additional cleaning before and after our meeting times, and additional details need to be added to our attendance sheet. It seems likely that there will be no shared meals, so please plan to bring your own water bottles and snacks.

May Christ’s light shine brightly in these times we seek certainty.

Michele Yuen                                                         

Youth Group Leader
20th May 2020

Youth Group Update May 2020