Do you choose the mission to do Sunday Kid’s activities in your own home? It is possible!

Today’s 10am service
is a
JAM Service!

The theme for today’s service is


Read this Dramatic reading based on Genesis 32: 1–32
Jacob Comes Face to Face with God

Reflection Activities

Activity 1 – The Practice of persistence can be challenge.

It was not easy for Jacob to return home and have to face his brother Esau, after so many years away, and it was not easy leaving Haran. But with God, Jacob found a way.

Materials Needed –
Paper, pens, pencils, magazines, scissors, glue sticks.


  1. In the middle of the paper, write the words, “Things I find hard to do” or “Things with which I struggle.”
  2. Write, draw, or find a picture of something you find hard to do – stand on one leg, throw a ball, draw a horse, calculate in your head, juggle…
  3. When you have finished, think what kinds of interventions might make these hard things easier to do, such as use a calculator, have clear instructions, practice, and so on.
  4. Talk or write about ways that God helps us with hard things and is with us in the struggle, and how we can bring our struggles to God.

Activity 2 – Wrestle with God in Prayer

Just as wrestled with God, we too wrestle with God about the people, the situations, and the circumstances of life.

Materials Needed –
Pillows and blankets, a low table (like a coffee table) with votive candles in small jars, matches (candle and matches are to be lit as you pray/reflect in God’s presence) a box with a lid, small pieces of paper or index cards, paper for journal writing, pens and pencils.


  1. Spend five minutes making a list of issues that you are wrestling/struggling with
    – even wrestling with God about – in your life. These might be specific decisions or spiritual struggles or struggles that you are experiencing with other people.
  2. On the small pieces of paper or index cards, write a short sentence prayer (or more than one) that lifts up the struggle you’ve written about. When everyone has written a prayer, go around and share your sentence prayer and then place it in the box.
  3. Close your time at this station with a few minutes of silent prayer, remembering the struggles on your list and joining prayers about them with the prayers shared in the group.

More activities, if you’d like to try something else

Sunday Kids@Home Sunday 2 August, 2020