COVID management plans are no longer required for churches as mandated by the South Australian Government. Parishioners and visitors are asked to use hand sanitiser when they come forward for Communion.

Communion is traditionally where people receive a peoples wafer (bread) in their hand and sip from the Communion chalice. As of January 2023 the Parish Council have decided that Communion will continue to be in one kind, bread only. This means Communion wine is not available to Parishioners and Visitors. The Parish Council is the governing body who will decide if and when the Communion Chalice is available for Parishioners and visitors to consume.

Gluten free bread wafers are available, and a Priest can also bring Communion to people in their seats due to mobility issues.

It isn’t mandatory for people to wear face masks in church. Individuals may choose to wear a face mask according to their own choices.

Morning tea is available after all services in the parish. Morning tea is a perfect opportunity to get to know the people who sit in church with you each week. We have faith in common, who knows what else you’ll have in common too!

Loosening of COVID restrictions