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Next Sunday 5th July, we physically gather together at the 10am service to celebrate St Peter’s Day. Put on your thinking hats and recall all the different stories about St Peter.

For this week’s activity you’ll need an imagination, and some art and craft materials and tools your child likes to use to tell a story. If you decide to tell your story through music, perhaps record your song. Maybe you tell your story through video, bring your recording on USB for it to be played at church.

Then, using any of these story telling tools, re-tell your favourite stories about St Peter, Bring them with you to church on 5th July to show everyone.

Read Matthew 10:40-42

Jesus was teaching the Disciples how to teach other people about following God. Jesus said-
“Anyone who welcomes you, welcomes me, Anyone who welcomes me, welcomes the one who sent me.
“Whoever welcomes and accepts a good and wise person, will share in the reward of the good person”.
“Whoever gives even a cup of cold water to one of my humble followers, because they are my follower will receive their reward.”

Lorna tells us more about this Bible reading
Today’s bible story tells us about Jesus saying that whenever we welcome people or do something nice for them, like giving them a drink when they are thirsty, we are doing that service for Jesus. I often think about this story when I am helping people to do something difficult and get frustrated. Thinking that I am helping Jesus makes me less frustrated because I really don’t want Jesus to think I can’t help him without getting all worked up!

Sunday Kids@Home Activity

Jesus also told the disciples that if anyone welcomed them, they were welcoming Jesus too. So this is something that Jesus tells us to do that, he also told St Peter to do hundreds of years ago. And this week’s activity is all about St Peter. Next week, when we are all able to come back to church, we are going to have a Jam service and celebrate St Peter’s day. Father Andrew, Michelle and I would LOVE to be able to have your artwork, models etc. Decorating the church for the celebration. There are so many stories about St Peter that make great pictures or models (get the Lego out again!). Here are a few that I can think of but you could ask your family to help you read some other stories if you want more inspiration:

• Peter jumped out of his fishing boat to walk on water when he saw Jesus walking on water. But he got scared and lost faith and started to sink!
• He cut an ear off one of the soldiers who came to arrest Jesus and Jesus had to make the soldier better by sticking the ear back on!
• Peter got scared again when Jesus was being sent to the cross and told three people he didn’t know Jesus. Jesus forgave him after he was raised from the dead.
• Jesus called Peter and his brother Andrew away from being fishermen and told them he was going to make them into “fishers of men”

WE really look forward to seeing what pictures, sculptures and models you make!WE really look forward to seeing what pictures, sculptures and models you make!

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